Please refer to the following resource which contains both information and links which will help inform you about returning to clinical work at Unity Health Toronto in a time of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Info for Students Return

I.D. Badge

Please take your Student Centre registered ticket to 4-007 SHUTER (I.T Solutions Centre) to get your I.D. badge. An I.D. badge will be given to you in exchange for your ticket. The I.D. badge booth is open 24/7.


Issues with your I.D. Badge:

Please contact the Student Centre or Security with the following information:


  • What areas can you not access?
  • Does the lock turn red, green, or blue?
  • Does your badge work on any of the doors (e.g. the bridge)?
  • Do you have multiple Access Cards in the same pouch/lanyard?
  • What is the first group of numbers in the back of the white Access Card?


System Access

User ID for all the systems is generally your Last Name and First Initial e.g. smithj. (If this does not work as your username, please add your second or third initial e.g. smithjo or smithjoa.) Password for Soarian, Network access, Magic Web, & Event Tracking is Smhtemp + your barcode number (2-5 digits) printed on the right top corner at the back of your ID badge e.g. Smhtemp12345 or Smhtemp123. Please contact help desk at ext. 5751 for assistance.


Wifi Access

Search for SMH_PRIME, enter your hospital credentials (username and password), select join, and accept certificate warning.



Please call Locating at ext. 5431 and inform them of your pager number. Batteries can be obtained from IT located at Room 4-007, Shuter Wing or the Student Centre at LKS 573.


We strongly advise you don’t use outside pagers, or else you will miss pages through the SMH frequency. If you require a SMH pager please contact the Student Centre for more information at ext. 5700.


Returning your SMH pager:

You can return your pager to the Student Centre (LKS 573: 8:00am-4:00pm, Monday to Friday) or to Locating (Room 4-007 Shuter Wing: 24/7).



Please visit the hospital Cash Office (1 Donnelly Wing South: 8am-3:45pm, Monday to Friday) to pay a deposit for Labcoats ($15 each – 1 Labcoat maximum), and for Scrub Suits ($30 each – 2 Scrub Suit maximum). Payments can be made via cash, Visa, debt, MasterCard, or American Express. After you have made payment, please go to the Stores Department (B2-Carter Wing: 7:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday) to obtain your first set and to have your ID card programmed for exchange.


Scrub Vending Machines locations:

  • 1-Shuter outside the Emergency Administration Office
  • 6-011 Cardinal Carter Wing South Perioperative Services locker room

The standard OR gowns are not leak-proof & you can request waterproof gowns (with a plastic liner) from the OR, for your protection. This is very important if you will be working in a case where there is likely to be blood loss or other soilage.



Located on the 3rd floor of the Li Ka Shing building. Hours of operation are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday. Access to the computer lab in the Health Sciences Library is 24/7. Copy codes for printing and copying are available through the Library.


For more information about the Health Science Library and its services please see the following video


Student Resource Centre

Located on the 6th floor of the Shuter Wing. (accessible via the Shuter North elevators) The resource centre is equipped with a microwave, fridge, computers and television and is open 24/7.


Breastfeeding Spaces

Both the Student Centre (Li Ka Shing room 573) and the Student Resource Centre (6th floor Shuter Wing) are designated Breastfeeding Spaces within St. Michael’s Hospital. The Student Resource Centre also has a locked fridge for breastmilk storage; to receive access to this fridge please contact a Student Centre staff member.


Bike Cages

Bike cage is located at the Queen St, entrance. All students are given access automatically with their SMH I.D. Badge



  • Cafeteria (Marketeria ) is located on the 6th floor of the Cardinal Carter Wing (Monday-Friday 6:30am – 9:30pm); Tim Horton’s Coffee is located within the Marketeria
  • Vending machines outside of the Marketeria; available 24 hours
  • Second Cup Coffee Shop located at the B1 Queen St. Entrance, open 24 hours
  • Starbucks and Subway are available in the lobby of the Li Ka Shing building Monday- Friday from 7:30am – 6:00pm


Safe Walk

The Hospital provides students with a Security escort from the 30 Bond location to/from their vehicle or the nearest transit stop 24 hours per day.


1. It is recommended that you call the Security Office at minimum 15 minutes before your departure at extension #5323 or 416-864-5323.

2. Advise the Security Communications Specialist that you would like to request the Safe Walk service to your vehicle.

3. Provide the Security Communications Specialist with the location of your vehicle, your name and your department.

4. Proceed to the designated meeting area as instructed by the Security Communications Specialist.


For Security Officer safety and to ensure proper emergency communication the service will be limited to the following destinations: East to Church Street / South To Richmond Street /West to Yonge Street / North to Shuter Street Note: If emergency situations develop or if the patrol Security Officer is already completing a Safe Walk service, delays may be experienced.


Frequently Called Numbers

Student Centerx5700

Help Deskx5751


Security SMHx5323

Security LKSx5623

Corporate Health & Safety Services (e.g. Mask Fit)x5013



Hospital Map